Pin and/ or key code service. For this service, you will be required to provide a copy of your Driving licence and V5 logbook both which have to match exactly.  The price you have been requested to pay (differs from manufacture) will be requested from a main dealer/agent and will be paid in full. Once payment is received the order will be processed (within working hours only (9 am to 5 pm Mon/Fri), not weekends or evenings this process can take from 2hrs up to 72hrs (depending on the manufacturer) and time requested.  This will enable us at  Auto key care to get the ORIGINAL KEY/PINCODE that the car had when it left the factory. Auto key care take no responsibility if this pin/key is incorrect and no refunds will be given in any instance. 


Part Payment for lost keys/ Lockouts (none refundable) if  Auto key care  have requested a booking fee for your job. For this service you will be asked to pay a fee (depending on the make/model and time of job) please be aware this is a part payment and will be deducted from the final price quoted upon completion of the job. Please read the following terms for services:


  • The person making the appointment must give minimum 2hrs notice to change the time of an arranged appointment.
  • The person making the appointment will need to be onsite within 10min of the agreed appointment time.
  • The person attending has provided the requested paperwork /proof of ownership for the vehicle.
  • The vehicle in question is accessible, has enough fuel to start and the battery is sufficiently charged for the work/time needed.
  • The keys are accessible if provided by a person for the appointment.
  • No parts have been removed from the vehicle that will cause a problem for the technician attending.
  • The Lock/locks on the vehicle are in working order and lock/locks mechanism/s are working correctly.


By clicking below payment option you agree to the above Terms.




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